Saturday, August 30, 2008

Life's great, things are flowing smoothly as usual. Tasha might have a potential investigator referral for me, that's always nice. I'm also beginning to realize that I really do look tall. Physics and accounting will be a treat, thank goodness it's the basics.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm officially the third wheel in any family functions, thankfully Christina and Tasha both have sisters.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No words needed

The Brothers

  • yes, those are big dogs

  • if you ever find size 16 shoes, call...

Three days after Daniel returned home from his mission (away 2 yrs) we had a great photographer, Bri Saban, come to the house for a photo shoot.
Can you believe we will have been married 30 yrs in just one week? Time does fly when you are having fun.
Paul says, 'The Best is Yet to Come.' I believe him.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

6 things that guide my life --

1) Choose Well
* Do not marry the first man that makes your heart go flip flop, wait for the right one.
* Research everything to death so you can make informed decisions and help others do likewise.
* Life has enough challenges, do not add to them by making poor choices.
* Avoid pitfalls. Watch out for your vulnerable spots.
* Avoid temptations. Seek good things.
* Getting help to correct your life is one of the best choices you can make.

2) Remember Life is to be Enjoyed not just endured
* Gordon B. Hinckley knew it and shared it. Man is that he might have joy!
* Spread joy.
* Pay it forward.

3) Remain Teachable
* Important life lessons are seldom at opportune times or in opportune ways.
* People who think they have it all figured out, seldom do...

4) Never let the things that Matter Most be at the mercy of those things that should Matter Least
* Rededicate yourself to developing your important relationships and goals.

5) Claim your Blessings
* Liken the Scriptures unto yourself (Proverbs is full of blessings for you to claim as your own).
* Actual blessings are up to you to fulfill. Do it!

6) Ink or Pencil
* On life’s calendar some things are meant to be written in ink and some are meant to be written in pencil --
* Learn to Know the Difference. Make choices accordingly (see #1).
* Make sure the things written upon your heart are good and pure.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Childhood Moments that Matter

1. Seeing Santa Claus land on the Schmidt's roof when I was 4 yrs old. -- and Yes he did!
2. Playing baseball in the lot between our home and the Schmidts and Moravys. And ice skating on the water filled, frozen rink Dad created every winter in the same empty lot.
3. Watching and waiting for a converted hearse/trailer to arrive at Lake Margrethe signifying the arrival of a funny old grandpa and a grandma that spoke with an accent even when she said, "Oh, Joe!"
4. Knowing camping parties did not really begin until the converted BUS arrived, loaded with the O'Brien cousins and the best Aunt and Uncle a girl could ask for. And benefitting from Aunt Phyllis' S'more knowledge and techniques perfected during her years as a Girl Scout leader & mom-extraordinaire.
5. Collecting eggs at Aunt Marie's farm while they were still soft! And having warm manure squish between my toes.
6. Planting thousands of tree seedlings at the 4D. And running and running in the fields at The 40, exploring what seemed at the time to be comparable to the Amazon and seeing & hearing all the wildlife -- including the giant, nasty ant hill.
7. Receiving a great education at Sacred Heart Academy in a class with over 40 kids and one dedicated teacher.
8. Riding our single speed, banana seat bikes out to The 40 on the gravel shoulder without fancy water bottles or camelbacks, or multiple speeds, or cabled brakes and being blissfully happy and safe in the humid heat of Michigan summers.
9. Playing badminton at Grandpa Joe's Columbiaville Lake cottage with grandparents, aunts and uncles that made me believe the world was my oyster and that we were better than that 'other' Irish family, the Kennedys...:
- Debonair Uncle Tom and his magnificantly beautiful wife, Aunt Gayle
- Sister Michaelette, aka Aunt Eileen, who knew how to have fun even in full nun attire
- Uncle Mike, who used to hold me and read the newspaper to me until I fell asleep and his mysteriously foreign and beautiful wife, Aunt Doris
- Grandpa Joe who was more focused on keeping his cigar lit and playing penny poker
- Grandma Anne who was more focused, thankfully, on making perfect stuffed cabbages
- Tall and rascally Uncle Neil who was always trying to get one over on my Dad and his brothers
- Peacemaker Aunt Phyllis who I thought was the original WonderWoman
- and cousins and siblings who made everything more fun, including fishing with loooooong, bamboo poles off of Grandpa's dock.
10. Learning the marvels of reading: endless books, maps, and sheet music.


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